Klassique Travels Inc. takes you to some of the world’s most enjoyable locations for vacationing at the best rates available. And in addition, we organize the best cruise packages to make that special holiday the most memorable one.

Under the auspices of Carnival Cruise Lines, we offer the most competitive cruise packages for any kind of traveler: be you an individual, a couple, a family, a small or large corporation – Klassique Travels Inc. will take you there!

Some of our favorite destinations include Bahamas, Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, Exotic Caribbean, Baja Mexico, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Glacier Cruises, Alaska Cruise Tours, Panama Canal, Hawaii and Canada and trips ranging from 3 days to a couple of weeks can be arranged for you depending on your preferences.

Can you imagine a time in your life when you are completely free; from everyday cares, job responsibilities, house chores, office & school deadlines, home and office phones ringing off the hook? That is the feeling you will get when you go on a Carnival vacation to some of the world’s most precious and rare destinations on a magnificent cruise ship.

Wine and dine like never before every night in a splendid dining room where the menu is not even a limit – order and taste several mouth-watering appetizers, delicious soups, marvelous salads, entrees from every corner of the world … and when you have had your heart’s fill saunter off to classic tunes that flow in with the cool evening breeze. You are in paradise!